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Why hire a pet sitter?
Your pets keep their routine in comfortable and familiar surroundings. Illness, disease and stress are prevented from interaction with other animals. Individualized attention food, water, walks and/or playtime along with TONS of TLC are provided with each visit, all to your specifications. Medications can also be administered as needed. Your time and trouble of taking and picking up your pet are saved! No more imposition on friends or family or making your schedule fit their availability. Your home is monitored for security and soundness. Your mail and newspapers are retrieved and your plants watered, all as if you were home.
Will I meet my pet sitter?
Our new client consultation meeting allows you and your pets to meet Fallan, the owner of Purrpawsfull Pet Care. We do have a small staff of insured & bonded employees who have years of experience with our company. Fallan will personally introduce & train team members on new homes on as needed basis, depending on scheduling needs. Your pets will feel more at ease in your absence having seen you and your pet sitter together. You will also feel at ease leaving your fur children in the care of someone you have interviewed. If you do wish to meet a specific team member, a consultation can be set up if schedules allow. An additional consultation fee will be applied to compensate team members.
What does each visit include?
Each visit is designed to keep your pet's routine as close to their regular schedule as possible. You design the service to best fit your pets needs including feeding, fresh water, treats, walks, playtime, and tons of TLC can be incorporated into your visit schedule.

How many visits will my pet need?

We strongly recommend no less than one visit per day for cats as they could fall injured or ill just as easily on a non visit day as the day they are visited.

We recommend three visit schedules: Most pets and their owners prefer three visits. 7am breakfast and potty break / 2pm - 4pm dinner with playtime or walk / 9pm late night potty break and settle in.

Two visits: Satisfy some pets who are used to long periods without a potty break and only need the basics of food, water and potty breaks along with some one on one attention. We schedule these visits 12 hours apart, one morning and one evening. 


Four Visits: A fourth visit can be added for special needs OR extra spoiling! These visits are then spaced as follows: 7am / 12pm / 5pm / 9pm. This works better for animals who need special medications, mealtime preferences, need more frequent potty breaks or more frequent attention.

How long are the visits?
Basic visits average 30 minutes in length. Time flies by very quickly for an active and attentive pet. Sometimes we lose track of time and our visits take longer. Sometimes we have kitties that don't want to play or even be looked at then these visits are generally shorter. The length of our visits really depend on your pets needs and time of day. We may spend a longer time during an afternoon walk and less time with a late night potty visit for that same pet.

What times are the visits made?
Morning visits are between 6am and 9am
Mid day visits are between 10am and 2pm
Evening visits are between 3pm and 5pm
Late night visits are between 7pm and 9pm

**Additional visits/Different visit times can be personalized for your pet(s).**

Will you administer medications?
Yes, as long as the animal is a willing participant. We will not risk physical injury to administer medication. It helps us extremely if your pet has a calm, relaxed method of receiving their medications. There is no additional charge for medications unless the process to medicate takes additional time.

Will you need a key to the home?
In order to gain access to your home we will require a key. All keys are kept on file using a special code so that the key and the address of your home are never associated. Garage Codes are a very popular and common way to access your home. However, we still require a hard copy key on file, or in the form of a "hide-a-key" in case of power outages.

Will the key be returned?
Clients generally prefer to have us keep the key in our safe key program where non active keys are stored in a locked location at our office. This makes your next scheduled visits automatic and aids in the case of an unexpected emergency. If you would prefer for the key to be returned to you personally there will be a charge equivalent to one visit to pick up or drop off the key.

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